About Us. Our Story

At The Pho Kitchen, we provide a delicious introduction to traditional Vietnamese food for our new customers while offering innovative options for our returning guests.

All good food starts with fresh, natural, high-quality ingredients. Pho is no different. The Pho Kitchen brings you authentic Vietnamese cuisine with all the comforts and service of our new upscale location in Arcadia.

The base for our pho is an aromatic and tasty broth made from the slow simmering of herbs and seasonings. This time honored tradition is the result of generations refining the right combination of savory ingredients and cooking time to produce an unmatched flavor. Add garden fresh vegetables and superior meats like filet mignon, and you won’t find a better pho than ours at The Pho Kitchen.

Build your own Com (broken rice plate) with your own combination of meats, egg rolls, and seafoods. Customize your pho with add-ons such as BBQ pork, tofu, or egg noodles. We make each fresh appetizer, bowl of soup, and entree plate to match your exact dietary taste. From vegetarian options to spicy broths, you will find every dish satisfies your hunger. We also created a simple child’s menu so you can bring your entire family to The Pho Kitchen.

Come, sit down, and enjoy our clean, modern space. Let our friendly waiters and welcoming staff give you a relaxed, dining experience. Our comfortable, clean environment is perfect for a quiet meal alone, a romantic table for two, or a large family gathering. And if you would prefer a delicious meal at home, ask for your order to go.

Pho can be a light, simple meal when you are trying to drop a few pounds or a comforting option when you are fighting the flu (or last night’s margaritas). But don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying a multi-course meal you will want to repeat again and again.

The Pho Kitchen doesn’t stop with appetizers and entrees. Our beverage menu is just as varied as our food selections. We make fresh, authentic boba drinks and milk teas. Our smoothies and slushies can satisfy your need for something sweet and healthy. Customize your soda, enjoy green tea infused with fresh fruit, or satiate your thirst with a fresh lemonade.

Come enjoy a hand-made appetizer, custom-made bowl of pho, and a perfectly blended drink today! We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Pho Kitchen is conveniently located off the 210 freeway in Arcadia, California on the north side of Huntington Drive near the intersection of North 5th Ave. We are across the street from the Arcadia Shopping Center and Bonita Park.